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Love for Sale (2017)
Released: 01 Jul 2017
Runtime: 87 Mins

Duration:1.58 GB
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Eiji Uchida
Actors: Chihiro Shibata Kiss Konishi Yûki Kubota Atsushi Harada Maasa Igarashi Nanami Kawakami Wataru Ohshige Hiroshi Shinagawa Mariko Tsutsui

Alternate Titles: 身体を売ったらサヨウナラ

Ryoko becomes a reporter for a major newspaper after receiving a master’s degree from Tokyo University’s graduate program. While concealing her adult video acting experience during her university days, she spends her evenings frequenting “host clubs” with her friend. At the same time, she is in a stimulating relationship with boyfriend Rei. Ryoko seeks emotional balance, and despite feeling the contradiction between her day and night lifestyle, hopes to gain happiness in her life.

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