Helpless and afraid. Dark and cold cellar. Don’t ask about her name, she has none. She is my obedient bitch and I am her Master. She lives in a cage and does whatever I want her to do. She listens to my every command, even the most kinkiest ones. I play with her, I fuck her like a dirty whore she is and then lock her in the cage again. She is my little bitch and I will train her, because here only my rules apply! I am the law! Touch the edge of the human sexuality, you won’t believe what it tastes like. Enter my dark dungeon and see the heart of darkness.

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Deep woods can be place full of suffering. I found them there, beaten, dirty and used. Two young beauties, tied down and silent. Was that a gift from the dark lord? It was impossible to resist, I just had to grab them and fuck their unmoving bodies. I have never felt so good before. Bizarre but so exciting. Nobody will ever find out what horrors are happening in the woods. Look at your dark side and embrace the dark parts of your soul.

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Darkness and utter silence. Abandoned sanatorium is the scariest place I know. Bizarre, frightening but so exciting at the same time. Even the tiniest sound will wake them up, the demon sexy nurses. They react to sound and there is no escape. They even hear you breathe. I was trapped, there was no escape route. They grabbed me, ripped my clothes off and fucked me. I was lost until I gave them the very last drop of cum. Crazy horror sex ride! Extreme fucking, unbelievable spectacle! Be silent or you won’t survive!

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