• When a famous American writer accepts a quest from a Czech emigrant to bring him back unique Yiddish manuscripts, he accepts not only a dangerous journey to Prague, where he is watched at every step he makes by communist secret police, but he also needs to face emigrant’s flamboyant and wild wife. She is in a possession of the manuscripts and she is very angry at her husband, as he left her with his mistress for the US. She will not surrender the manuscripts easily.


File Size: 1.97 GB

Duration: 1:46:56

Resolution: 1920×1072


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Teresa, a fifty-year-old Austrian mother, travels to the paradise of the beaches of Kenya, seeking out love from African boys. But she must confront the hard truth that on the beaches of Kenya, love is a business.


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Duration: 2:00:45

Resolution: 720×384



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Role Play (2012)
Released: 05 Dec 2012
Runtime: 75 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Romance Languages: Korean
Directed By: Baek Sang-Yeol
Actors: Kim Jin-seon Lee Dong-kyu Han Ha-Yoo Go Eun-yi
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 롤플레이 rolpeulrei

Best selling writer Jeong-ho attempts at a fatal Role Play for a passionate new novel. Ji-soo, a famous university professor can’t help but suspect her husband as she is full of jelaousy and Hye-in a provocative and attractive university student who jumps into the unstable life of this couple. Jeong-ho feels she looks just like his first love and considers her a muse to writing a new novel through the Role Play. His wife gets jealous when she sees his novel and has sudden intercourse with him as if she is aware of Hye-in.


File Size: 827.21 MB

Duration: 1:15:05

Resolution: 1024×576



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Showroom (2022)
Released: 11 Nov 2022
Genre: Drama Thriller Countries: Philippines Languages: Tagalog
Directed By: Carlo Obispo
Actors: Quinn Carrillo Rob Guinto Kit Thompson Emilio Garcia Alvaro John Oteyza
Internal:  English

Liezl, an ambitious agent, learns that her colleague, Susanah, uses her body to sell condo units; so she imitates her scheme. When the tables turn, Liezl begins to face her punishments one by one.


File Size: 2.65 GB

Duration: 1:52:30

Resolution: 1920×1080



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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Sergei and Kira were considered the most beautiful bohemian couple among cinema lovers of Saint Petersburg in the early 90’s. Their fantastic love affair ended with Kira leaving town, fleeing for new life, new relationship. Sergei has died shortly after. Only after a few years does Kira realize that she never stopped loving Sergei. And that she’s doomed to stay in a never-ending dialogue with a dead lover.

Size:1438.45 mb



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