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FR. Poil de carotte est un téléfilm français réalisé par Richard Bohringer et diffusé pour la première fois le 14 avril 2003 sur TF1.
Benjamin Lepic, dit «Poil de carotte», doit son surnom à la couleur de ses cheveux et à ses taches de rousseur. Sa mère a fait du petit rouquin son bouc émissaire. Quant à son père, il ne s’occupe de ses enfants que le week-end. Conscient du sort réservé à son cadet, M. Lepic convie son fils à une partie de pêche. Mais Mme Lepic ne compte pas laisser Poil de carotte s’en aller aussi facilement…
EN. A good-natured kid struggles to earn his mother’s love without much success.
Director: Richard Bohringer.
Cast: Fanny Cottençon, Antoine Nguyen, Richard Bohringer, Jérôme Hardelay, Lou Bohringer, Christopher Boyadji, Constance Dollé, Henri Marteau, Damien Jouillerot.
France, 2003.
Language: French, Russian.

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Bo is a 2010 Belgian film directed by Hans Herbots based on the novel Het engelenhuis by the Belgian author Dirk Bracke. It tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl, Deborah (played by Ella-June Henrard), who, in an attempt to escape from the triviality of her life in the suburbs of Antwerp, becomes involved in high-end prostitution.
Fifteen year old Deborah wants to escape her dull suburb and enjoy the luring city of Antwerp. Her new eighteen year old friend Jennifer leads her into the sparkling downtown nightlife. When Jennifer admits she’s an escort girl, Deborah is intrigued by what appears to be an easy way of getting cash. Under the alias Bo, she takes her first steps into a world she can’t handle yet. The downward spiral leads her to cheap thrills, drugs and into a juvenile institution. To escape this spiral, Deborah can only count on herself.
Director: Hans Herbots.
Cast: Laura Ballyn, Peter Bastiaensen, Mia Boels, Pierre Callens, Jana De Kockere, Bartholomeus De Meirsman, Stefaan Degand, Ina Geerts, Ella-June Henrard.
Belgium, 2010.
Language: Russian (Flemish, Dutch).

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Titles: Blood Pulls a Gun
Year: 2014
Categories: Erotic Short Thriller
Runtime: 00;18;08
Countries: Australia, France
Languages: English
Directors: Ben Briand
Cast: Odessa Young, Josh McConville, Tess Haubrich

A girl gets a keyhole look into a dangerous and mysterious world when a tattooed stranger checks into her roadside motel.

Video: WEB-DLRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720×304, 1514 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 211 MB

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Titles: Tension sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas / Sexual Tension: Violetas / Sexual Tension 2: Violetas / Szexualis feszultseg: Ibolyak / Wysokie napiecie 2: kobiety
Year: 2013
Categories: Erotic Romance Drama Compilation
Runtime: 01;29;57
Countries: Argentina, USA, France
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles EMBEDDED: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian
Directors: Marco Berger, Marcelo Briem Stamm (as Marcelo Monaco)
Cast: Ana Lucia Antony, Candela Garcia Redin, Pedro Jover

What are the rules that determine how attraction and desire are set free? Glances, unexpected smiles, confiding in unknown women. Long cherished fantasies, intimate friendships and unexpected meetings. Volume 2 of the Sexual Tension diptych, take us on a journey through the twists and turns of female seduction: two guests of a hostel become roommates (and more); a keen shop assistant helps a woman uncertain about what dress to buy; the outset of a great passion between two girls during a picnic, even though one of them has a boyfriend. A conversation about Woody Allen between a waitress and a woman, which goes too far; and two high-class escorts who discover that they are attracted to each other, when they are in bed with a client. The film finally shows what could happen, but never did happen, and will probably never happen, to two thirty-year-old women. Maybe it would be better not to have sex with people we love.

Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720×400, 1014 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Titles: Tension sexual, Volumen 1: Volatil / Sexual Tension: Volatile / Sexual Tension, Volume 1: Fluchtige Blicke / Szexualis feszultsag: Ibolyak / Wysokie napiecie: mezczyzni / Сексуальное напряжение, Часть 1: Нестабильный
Year: 2012
Categories: Explicit Erotic Drama Compilation
Runtime: 01;37;24
Countries: Argentina, USA, France
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles EMBEDDED: English, French, Portuguese, Arabic
Directors: Marco Berger, Marcelo Briem Stamm (as Marcelo Monaco)
Cast: Lucas Lagre, Mario Veron, Javier De Pietro

Have you ever met someone who made your body heat up, get a little nervous and sweaty, and made your crotch stir a bit? This movie will reignite those lustful feelings as it weaves six scintillating experiences of men in various stages of nudity and many forms of erotic male bonding. A pulsating, sexually-charged thrill ride, the film begins as a young man feels the adrenaline rush of his sexy tattooist’s needle in “Ari” while in “The Cousin,” a geeky, cute boy finds a hot Summer afternoon triggering his taboo desire for his Speedo-clad cousin. Two straight buddies literally show each other how to make love to a woman in “The Other One,” while a man with ‘Broken Arms’ receives a sensual sponge bath from a male nurse. “Love” is questionable when a broken shower brings a married man and a hairy, innkeeper together when they least expect it and in “Workout” two muscular men, ‘sexting’ pictures to some hot chicks, begin to shed their clothes and inhibitions.

Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720×384, 1017 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 782 MB

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Titles: Exhibition / London Project / Exibicao
Year: 2013
Categories: Erotic Drama
Runtime: 01;44;32
Countries: UK
Languages: English
Subtitles EMBEDDED: Spanish, Croatian
Directors: Joanna Hogg
Cast: Viv Albertine, Liam Gillick, Tom Hiddleston

An intimate examination of a contemporary artist couple, whose living and working patterns are threatened by the imminent sale of their home.

Video: BRRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720×400, 1008 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 847 MB

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

1. Leo is a free spirit with childlike eyes, who likes to write poems about his feelings in the Here and Now, and the intense moments that he shares with women. They feel attracted to him, fall in love with him, but as their relationship evolves, they can’t help but asking Leo for more – a commitment, a future together.
2. As a kid, Leo thought he possessed, like a magician, the secret power to make things happen. As a young man, he certainly knows how to make things happens with women. But as his best friend Krantz would say to him, “Why do you always ask questions you know answers to?” Leo believes firmly in what he invents from one day to the next.
In a fairly long scene, Ashley Lang plays doctor with Catlin Foster and Wyatt Bowen, she is told that they must operate and to please undress. At first she pulls her dress down and is lying on her stomach saying only on the bottom. The boys tell her that was last time to please turn over and strip which she does.
Director: Bernar Hebert.
Screenwriter: Leonard Cohen.
Cast: JR Bourne, Michele-Barbara Pelletier, Cary Lawrence, Sabine Karsenti, Daniel Brochu, Vikki Walker, Catlin Foster, Ashley Lang, Wyatt Bowen, Bronwen Mantel.
Canada, 2003.
Language: English.

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Maëlys, huit ans, habite dans une campagne reculée avec ses parents. Insolente et solitaire, elle passe sa vie dans les bois et les marais. Un jour, elle découvre le cadavre d’une jeune fille nue au milieu des roseaux. Fascinée par sa beauté et sa texture, elle décide de l’emmener dans sa cabane.
Director: Léa Mysius.
Cast: Ena Letourneux, Elsa Letourneux, Brune Renault, Alexandra Hökenschnieder, Jean-Claude Tisserand.
France, 2013.
Language: French.

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

CZ. Kde končí fikce a začíná realita? Kdo koho poslouchá a kdo kým manipuluje? Doktor je během prvního dne své dovolené odvolán jakýmsi naháčem na nudistickou pláž. Červený exkrement malého kluka budí ve zdejší komunitě obavy z infekce. Doktor je vlastně režisér a není spokojen s právě natočeným záběrem. Natáčení svérázného filmového experimentu z nudistické pláže má dát odpověď na otázku, jaké jsme opice – dobré, či zlé. Ruský producent Igor by ovšem rád ve svém filmu viděl poněkud více akce a méně mluvení. Během natáčení navíc přijíždí na plac režisérova manželka, slavná herecká hvězda Vilma, která by ráda řešila partnerskou krizi, což těžce nese režisérova milenka, producentova dcera a představitelka hlavní role natáčeného filmu Lenka. Nepřízeň počasí, časté úpravy scénáře, stoupající nervozita, to vše činí z tohoto natáčení podnik s víc než nejistým výsledkem.
EN. A filmmaker has to deal with obnoxious producers, uncooperative weather, and a troublesome cast — not all of whom have opposable thumbs — in this satiric comedy-drama. Rosta is a director whose latest project is an ambitious film that draws parallels between the lives of humans and animals, and as illustration he’s cast the members of a local nudist colony, who are to interact naked with a group of apes. However, the cold weather doesn’t do much for the esprit de corps of his human cast, while the primates predictably refuse to take direction. Meanwhile, Rosta’s backers are demanding more comic relief, the screenwriter argues for a more emotional approach, and Rosta’s family shows up unannounced, getting in the way despite their best intentions and also has complications in the relationship with his lover.
Director: Věra Chytilová.
Cast: Bolek Polívka, Jan Antonín Pitínský, Milan Šteindler, Chantal Poullain-Polívková, Věra Havelková, Petr Vacek, Jaromír Tichý-Barin, Veronika Bellová, Otakáro Maria Schmidt, Tomáš Matonoha, Pavel Liška, Marek Daniel, Arnošt Goldflam, Zita Morávková, Pavel Zatloukal, Josef Polášek, Eva Kulichová-Hodinová, Judita Nová, Claudio Monello, Květoslava Vonešová, Jiří Pecha, Jaromír Hník, Regina Lopourová, Renata Lopourová ml., Bobina Staňková, Jana Kristina Studničková, Eva Šlossárová, Jiří Kohout, Věra Chytilová, Tomáš Staněk, Renata Lopourová st., Jiří Schwarz.
Czech Republic, 2001.
Language: Czech.

Size:1939.21 mb

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

SE. Veckopeng eller kyss? är en svensk kortfilm från 2005. Den regisserades av Malou Schultzberg, som även skrivit filmens manus och producerat den.
En tjej slår vad med killarna. Vinnaren får välja – veckopeng eller kyss? Men bara han som klarar av den svåra utmaningen – att gå genom damernas nakenbad. Vågar de det?
EN. It is summer in Sweden and two boys are given a dare by a girl they know: If they go into the women’s area at the pool for naked bathers they will win a prize, if not the girl win one. And the prizes are either pocket money or a kiss.
Director: Malou Schultzberg.
Cast: Ester Sjögren, Buster Söderström, Filip Österlund, Jonas Kruse, Kajsa Svensson, Michaela Darliden, Kristina Thilén, Annelie Ekendahl Gierlöff, Ulla-Britt Norrman-Olsson.
Sweden, 2005.
Language: Swedish.

Size:114.38 mb

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