VoyeurJapanTV vjt26349_5-def-1 HANDS CUM IN HANDY

Our voyeur cam scans the rumpled blankets and cute knicknacks of a teen’s room when she sneaks in and pulls up her skirt. The blue cotton polo covering her perky breasts comes up as she brushes a hand across her pink nipples. She pulls the skirts down so her crotch is naked and ready for a probing hand. Her finger dives into the moist slit of her hot young pussy.
Our girl falls to the mattress and reaches up between her thighs to find the juicy pussy. her body quakes and vibrates with sensation as she rides the waves of pleasure and her hand reaches further in.
Another day, another viewpoint as we look straight down to the black leather sofa where a coed strips off her blouse and unsnaps her brassiere. Her plaid skirt barely covers her fuzzy poon, so it’s no effort to reach in with a rubbing set of fingers. Holding a breast in one hand she deftly rubs and massages her pubes with the other. A finger bends and slides into her juicy snatch.
Both hands move to her crotch, one holding her thighs apart as the other finds the most sensitive spot and hones in. She is jolted with a hard spasm of climax, lies motionless and satisfied a moment then straightens and steps into her clothes to rise from the couch.


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