Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Year: 2008

Duration: 01:23:09

Directed by: Federico Veiroj

Actors: Alejandro Tocar, Ana Julia Catalá, Gustavo Melnik

Language: Spanish

Country:  Uruguay 

Also known as: Akmi, Akne

Description:  This is the story of Rafa, a good Jewish boy from a good family in a  Jewish community in Montevideo, Uruguay. The middle child of a three, Rafa and his siblings are among the many families worldwide who are suffering from the epidemic of the fifty percent divorce rate. He gets to a good school and takes piano lessons. Aside from the adjustment he must make with his parents splitting, the Tween really only lives with one true dilemma: His first kiss.

Acné is a very sweet story and a great debut for first time writer/director Frederico Veiroj. The film telling this young man’s tale and subtly reminds us all of the growing pains we endured while our bodies rebelled and other was nothing we in our youth and inexperience could do about it. The unhurried, real life pace of the film serves to building the angst level but ultimately is its weakest quality. This film feels like a short which goes on too long, particularly given the authentic, yet nevertheless anti-climactic conclusion. Although the finale was completely appropriate for the tone of the film, it was not especially worth the wait. Nevertheless, this is an honest, coming-of-age story that is enjoyable and universal.

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