SexJapanTV sjt_16444-4-def-1 SAUCY WENCH GETS IT IN THE CAR

Another pretty model shows up for her sexy scene, this time as a saucy wench in plaid and frills, and knee high gartered stockings. She changes in the locker room then poses for the photo. The location shot has her bending over in an open urban field but it’s chilly so she steps into the warmth of the transport car. On the way back a horny guy climbs into the back seat with her, wrestles her down as she giggles and smiles.
He ties her to the car seat then plays with her pretty round tits. As she squirms and laughs he flicks a finger across her nipples then pulls his pants down. She reaches over and jerks his hard prick with both hands, bends down to take him in her juicy mouth. He lifts her knees and massages her tight little twat. She’s had enough of this sex game, pulls up her white panties, and wriggles out the car door as he tosses her shoes and bag out to her.

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