High above the bustling streets of Japan, a young woman strolls across a rooftop, looking for a place to relieve her bursting bladder. She steps over to the camera, holds open her vagina and lets a stream like wet jewels come flying out to bounce and splash just above us. She smiles, giggles and wipes her wet pussy before she pulls on her panties and heads back down, only a pair of wet kleenex and a big puddle left behind.
A pretty coed walks down a deserted stairway, hikes up her skirt and sprays out a torrent from her tight hair-framed pussy. She smirks and sticks out a defiant tongue before she scurries away. The stairway landing is soaked from a huge wet puddle of girl pee.
A trendy blonde in fashionable black and white takes off her panties to reveal a smooth shaved mound, opens the lips with a hand and rains down on us with a powerful splash of clear hot urine. She laughs and spits on the camera before sauntering off.

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