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Stepmother’s Purpose (2020)
Released: 19 Mar 2020
Runtime: 72 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Directed By: Lee Ro-woon-I
Actors: Yoo Jung-II Sung Yeon Lee Sul-ah-I Joong In

Alternate Titles: 새엄마의 목적 sae-eom-ma-eui mok-jeok

One man divorces his wife and falls in love with a woman who frequents the bar alone. Even if they’re both aware that the man has a son and the woman in the bar has a daughter, they decides to live together. One day as she is left alone, the mother cleans the house and accidentally sees the paperwork, and finds out that the house and all the properties are inherited by her son. With her eyes on the property, the following days, she tries to seduce her son by exposing her body.

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